Our Process

The Dentz Group is the Right Team for You!

The team of professionals at The Dentz Group takes great pride in matching qualified candidates with the best opportunities in the retail, consumer products, supply chain, wholesale, ecommerce industry and the local Wisconsin market. We know the marketplace, where to find the best candidates, and our database consists of thousands of qualified candidates. Whether a candidate or a client, The Dentz Group can help you with all of your recruitment needs.

The Planning Stage

We design a specific, targeted plan for each and every search assignment we accept. We then conduct thorough research to uncover potential candidates.

Contacting The Candidates

  • Once we identify good candidates, we make contact with them on a direct, personal basis.
  • We present the objectives, opportunities, responsibilities and potential of the position.
  • We examine the qualifications of the candidates against the requirements of the position.
  • We select the candidates who are the best match.

Presenting The Candidates

  • The qualified candidates are presented for consideration.
  • Only when a strong mutual interest exists does the process continue.
  • We assist in scheduling and monitoring the interviewing process.

The Decision & The Offer

  • We offer expert counsel and advice at this critical point.
  • We facilitate communication on salary terms and benefits.
  • We assist the candidate through the emotional process of resigning the present position.

Ongoing Relationship

We maintain contact on both sides to make sure that the outcome of the search assignment meets everyone's expectations.

Targeted Staffing Solutions

Each staffing assignment generates challenges that call for special solutions. Here's a menu of some of our most useful staffing tools:

  • Single-sourcing reduces inefficiency by allowing you to work with just one recruiter.
  • Project outsourcing fulfills complex or multiple assignments though project teams.
  • Advanced technology allows us to apply internet and intranet capabilities to staffing assignments.
  • Compatibility assessment helps evaluate candidate fit prior to the job offer.
  • International staffing gives access to candidates and professional counseling worldwide.
  • Relocation services provides value-added services that take a lot of the pain out of moving.