Product Development Manager

Job Location: 
Ideally Los Angeles
The ideal candidate for this position is a skilled multi-tasker, is reliable, and is committed to consistently meeting deadlines. This individual should have the capability to oversee one PD specialist, work independently, collaborate with other departments effectively, and ensure excellence in product quality and aesthetics.
Outcomes 2024 : 
Product Development & Management (All Consumable & Accessories): 
● Ownership of New Product Development from ideation to PO:
● Constantly manage the whole category and ensure excellence of all existing skus
■ Weight + tolerance verbiage
■ EU compliance
■ Bar = bottles in-use claims testing
■ Maintain a customer satisfaction score of at least 4 out of 5 for the products you’re creating - ongoing
■ Keep the defect rate below 1.5% of total products inspected.- ongoing
■ Ensure blended margin of 58% for consumables, 70% for accessories
● Supply Chain diversification
● Find a new filler for bars and liquids by 11/3/2023
● Find a printer that supplies bar boxes no more than $0.07 by 11/3/2023
● New Product regulatory process (SOP) completed by 10/30/2023
● FW24 plan completed and shared by 10/8/2023
○ Provide a clear WHY to every product you are creating. 
■ What problem does this solve
■ What customer is buying this product
■ Is it easy to understand
■ How much revenue do we estimate it will generate
■ What data backs up the development of this product
Positive Influence on the team
● Proactively communicates cross-functionally with other team members to provide feedback and updates on timelines, project status and any potential issues
● Provides one idea each month on how the process can be improved
Critical Competencies for A-Players: 
Our Core Values 
● Willingness to sweep the floors
● Intuitive Problem Solving
● Pride in your work
Specific core competencies for this role:
● Proficiency in managing the entire product lifecycle, from concept and design through development, testing, launch, and post-launch support.
● Strong project management skills to oversee multiple product development projects simultaneously.Knowing how to prioritize tasks.
● Skill in conducting market research to identify trends, customer needs, and competitive landscapes. Analytical abilities to translate research findings into actionable insights for product development.
● Developing and executing product strategies that align with the company's goals, market demands, and customer preferences.
● A solid understanding of the technical aspects of the products being developed, including relevant technologies and industry-specific standards.
● Strong problem-solving abilities to address technical and operational challenges that may arise during product development.
● Effective cost management skills to optimize product development expenses and ensure projects remain within budget.